Saturday, May 7, 2011

NOTD and Update on the wedding

Hello you Guys!!

  Today I went to select my bridal costume that is supposed to come from Aashish's side. The one that Im going to wear at the end of the reception that is during my welcoming ceremony at his place :) I'll add pics as soon as it is completely ready :D
 Okay Lol my nails of the day are a little tooo far away from the wedding phase in my life but as you guys know till my broken nail grows back I'm posting manicures that I've done previously so yeah!! Here is a Ghostly Manicure :D

I'm sure now you know how much I love the M19 Konad Image plate. Love it :)

I used special polish in black for the tips and acrylic paint in black and white for the ghosts and the bones :D I know its not perfect because my topcoat started bubbling. But I like this idea a lot. Great for halloween or jus a random kick. It will look great if you have a glow in the dark polish. You can use that over the white areas of the ghost and the bones. But I don't have one so!! :( Anyway jopw you guys like this one.



  1. this is a funny manicure!! :) can't wait to see your wedding outfit! what are you gonna wear on your nails?? I'm gonna post the saree I'm gonna wear to my friends wedding soon, maybe you have a good idea for some nail art? btw: repaired the link to your blog! xx caroline

  2. Hey Caroline :) Lol I know the manicure is more funny than ghostly :P I've done a manicure for weddings in India before.. here's the link -
    Maybe you could do something like this or Jus plain White or Iridescant Nail tips with few Gold and Silver randomly scattered Konad flowers. They will look great too :) I'll do Wedding nails soon :) I have a short nail too so I'll do a short wedding nail design too if you don't want the length :)