Monday, April 25, 2011

:( Bad News and Good News :D

Hello you Guys!!

   Okay SHall I give you the bad news first or the good news??? Umm.. I think I'll give you the bad one first and then the good one to make it up :D The Bad news is that I snapped my nail :( My middle finger nail jus' snapped :( I was in such a hurry and I ended up losing my most favorite nail (Yes I have a favorite nail too :P) The good news is that I'll be posting regularly now. A new design every day till my nail comes to the desired length.. I've done a lot of nail art previously so i'll be posting about them :D Today I have a really happy manicure which I did on gel extensions.. At that time I didnt have long nails I was jus into extensions and yes I did the gel extensions myself. Sooo Here you go -

Y'all would've seen this one as my thumbnail on blogs and twitter!! I love this one :D

Okay You can call me self obsessed but I love my thumb the best. It came out superb according to me.. I used a nice spring blue color and a normal black polish with white nail art polish and little glitters that you can see below.

And then I used a white glitter top coat on the blue jus for that extra shiny touch :) Oh!! If you didn't know BLING is my second name. I love anything shiny, Holographic, sparkly or Glittery. So what do you think??? :D Yay? or Nah? Hope you guys like it as much as i do :)



  1. Big yay!And all your nails are pretty :D
    Happy week!

    ps.Bling rules!

  2. Your nails look amazing! I love the mani... ;-)

  3. Wow - nails are awesome Great design!

  4. heh, i got favorite nail too . its the right hands wedding ring finger . im not married, but i think my hands was special made for that :D

  5. @Angeles & Top Twenty Nails: Thank you so much guys :)
    @Naktsmeita: Hey! Im glad I'm not the only one :D Thanks :)