Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOTD: Indian Wedding Nails

Hello you Guys!!
  Okay so today I have something that will justify my love for BLING.. :P Lol!! As y'all know that I'm an Indian and weddings in India are a huge thing.. The Bride wears a costume weighing around 7-10 kgs for the reception and she's decked up in diamond and gold ornaments. Red is the most common color of the Bridal costume in India.. So I jus thought lets put all these Indian wedding elements together and create a nail art :D So this is what I came up with

Ugh!! I hate how my cuticles are always dry!! But I love this design done on gel extensions :)It has red, gold, diamond (yeah let's jus consider a rhinestone as a diomond for now :P) and it shines like crazy.. I've added an Iridescent Top coat over the red and white :D Hope you like it as much as I do and I really hope you guys can stand that bling without protective glasses on :P LOL!!

Byeeeeeeee!! :)


  1. Tha looks so crazy but elegant at same way . i wish i could paint tips so smothly as you. you shoul show your works more often . i enjoy them :)

  2. @Naktsmeita: Thank you so much girl!! Im trying to post one a day!! Glad you enjoy them :)