Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Konad Plates - M82 & M83

Hello you Guys!!!
   This is a quick post about 2 new image plates launched by Konad. They are jus' to die for.. Have a look at them and let me know if any of you have played with them already..

M82 - I jus' love the fishes and the stars and the flowers :D

M83 - OMG!! Look at that kitty. She's soo gorgeous. i also like the full nail designs a lot.

Okay!! Im dying to use my plates!! Which one of these plates do you want me to use first????? I can't decide. Help me!! :D More nail art coming up..



  1. I love the little "heart flowers." These are adorable.

  2. yes i love the little heart balloons? heart flowers> hearts on sticks?!?! the heart one anyway :D

  3. hahaha!! Yeah I love them too.. :D