Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello kitty plate from the Born Pretty Store

Hello you Guys!!
    Okay Today I'm super duper excited because I recieved my Hello Kitty plate from this awesome site I love this website. It has free shipping worldwide and such awesome nail stuff. I Got my free Hello Kitty plate recently and here it is... Yay!!!

I cannot get over this plate :) I keep looking at it..LOL
I love every single pattern in this plate!! :) I decided to use the basic Blue and Pink and polka dots and stripes and french tips.. Lol!! Okay I'll stop :P Here's my first hello Kitty Manicure ..

(forgive my dry cuticles and I dunno why the weather was such that my skin looks orangish.. LOL)

I love this mani a lot!! :) I used Konad M19 for the french tips and a dotting tool and striping brush for the Polka dots and stripes respectively. And I promise that the blue and pink things that I'm holding are jus my lil' cute Lens cases.. LOL!! I can't stop myself from staring at my nails :P

About this plate I jus' wanna warn all of you that it's freaking sharp!! And it has this clingy plastic film on top which you have to remove ( And which I didn't realise before trying for a zillion times :P) before using the plate :)
I love how my mani came out and I want to say Thanks to Born Pretty Store for giving us such a cute plate for free :) I will be buying more from the store. Thank you Jessica :) Y'all should check the site coz they keep having such giveaways and more too.. I'll leave the links for their fecbook page below :)
Born Pretty Store on facebook:!/BornPrettyStore2010
Vermilion Art on facebook:!/pages/Vermilion-Art/116618931730492



  1. purrfect ! love the colors . what you used for it ?

  2. Thanks guys!! :)
    @Naktsmeita The french tips are done with Konad special Polish in Light Blue and Pink. The Pinky finger is Konad Regular Professional Polish in Baby Pink And the Index Finger is Light Blue by Ilovejustyou brand that we get in India.. Glad that you like it :)

  3. i love it ^^ they look like candys