Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainbow Manicure

Hello you Guys!!
        Today I have a nail art design done on fake nails as I didn't feel like removing the one I'm already wearing so.. :D Okay soo let's jus' say I couldn't decide which color to chose for today so I made a rainbow manicure using make-up sponge.. This is what I came up with -

So I jus started with red and then went to orange and then thought maybe I should do yellow but ended up with green which accidentlly made out with blue and produced purple at the end!! Happy Ending!! hahaha!! :D

Look at all that shimmery goodness :D I'll do this one on my natural nails and post soon :)
So what do you think???? Can you take all those colors and the shimmer and the stones together??? :D I love it.. :) Do you???


1 comment:

  1. LOVE IT! Can't go wrong with a rainbow, always puts a smile on my face (:
    -I like how the colors look like they bleed into each other, great job! ^_^